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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

When it comes to coffee, Bristol's got your back. Creative baristas, roasting perfectionists, sticklers for steaming and fine latte art, our fair city has it all. Oh, and it's delicious.

Clifton Coffee

Clifton Coffee provided many of the bricks for paving the way towards improving Bristol's coffee scene. In 2001, founder James Fisher began the company by servicing espresso machines across the city. Their reputation for stellar service grew, and they began offering barista training. Just a couple of years later they were roasting and supplying their own beans. Now they have a training facility at their head office, their lucky team gets to travel across the world to source the best sustainable beans, and they have the aim of delivering quality coffee and education to drive the industry ever-forward. cliftoncoffee.co.uk

Small Street Espresso

Since 2012 the lovely coffee experts at SSE have been quietly brewing lush coffee in the heart of Bristol. It's a little haven in a busy part of town, and I'll always trust their recommendation for a delicious espresso. Their house roast is from our (and their) friends at Clifton Coffee, and they also seek out and brew coffees thanks to guest roasters from Bristol and beyond. Pop in, order your coffee of choice, peruse the Bristol made cakes and settle in for some solace. smallstreetespresso.co.uk

Full Court Press

A coffee capital in the centre of Bristol. FCP has an ever-changing range of roasts to be turned into coffee in a myriad of ways. Espresso is my favourite way to enjoy coffee, and they always have a couple of roasts with interesting tasting notes highlighted to guide your palate. Prompted or not, you can taste flavours like pineapple, chocolate, cherry, caramel, hazelnut... Mat who runs FCP says his aim is to present coffee in a more considered manner, with an exquisite attention to detail. Excite your 'buds and head to Full Court Press next time you're in town. https://www.fcp.coffee


A bright, open space on Stokes Croft that's great for people watching and even better for sipping coffee and whiling away the hours. Their coffee comes from Triple Co Roast, a speciality coffee roasters based on Jamaica Street in Stokes Croft. Owner Jo Thompson founded the company on a search for full picture positive and ethical business, with no corner cutting. His desire is to provide Bristol with quality coffee coupled with a push to contribute to the community and culture already surrounding this growing industry. Even better, Elemental itself is a collective. Esme Hutchinson who runs it says the aim is to support locals and provide a space for small businesses to sell their products. It's a wonderful little hub, and one of tBFT's favourite places to be. https://www.lovebristol.org

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